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Our home rinks reserve the right to close due to bad weather. PHA will take all precautions to ensure the safety of our family’s and those traveling to us. If the rink remains open, generally practices and games will be held. 


Ultimately, it is the decision of each family to determine if the weather is too bad even if an advisory is not in place. Decisions to drive in inclement weather are the responsibility of the parent/guardian. 


PHA will not penalize a player in any way for missing a game or practice due to bad weather. We encourage all of its members to be safe when deciding to drive to a game in inclement weather.


PHA will play regularly scheduled games and practices unless:


1.   The rink hosting our game or practice closes.


2.   The State declares a "State of Emergency" and/or issues a Travel Warning, which closes the roads to public travel. 


3.   Any unforeseen condition occurs that could jeopardize ones safety. This decision will be made at the discretion of the PHA board.   


Decision made to cancel will be broadcasted through the PHA email and PHA social media outlets.