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I discovered the Putnam Panthers Hockey Association eighteen years ago when I first moved up north to "The Sticks".  Being a huge hockey fan all of my life, I always wanted my kids to play "The Greatest Game" on the planet. Yes, I was like everyone else, thinking my kid was going to make it to the NHL.  So, when my oldest son, Ryan, turned four years old, I signed him up with the Putnam Panthers as a Mini-Mite and I never looked back.  My oldest son is now twenty years old and he still comes to watch games when he is home from college.  I have had confidence in this organization since my oldest son began and I continue to have confidence as my middle and youngest sons became part of the organization.


Putnam is a family organization.  Not only do they mold great hockey players, there is also a strong family atmosphere.  On occasion, a player has left, only to return when they realized that it is not often that you find an organization that has such a unique dynamic.  This is why I have never considered leaving.  I am very fortunate to have found an organization where my children have grown as athletes and are now part of an enormous extended family.


It has now been sixteen years since my family became part of the organization.  I have come to love and recommend Putnam to anyone in search of a hockey association.  Over the past sixteen years, my three sons, Ryan, Brendan and Nicholas have competed with the Putnam Panthers’ teams at every level. I believe the very best part of this association is the fact that my boys have made friends for life! From the Mini-Mites to Varsity High School hockey, these kids are friends on and off the ice.


 When I was asked to write about Putnam Hockey, the first thing I did was read through our past yearbooks. As I looked over the pictures and letters while turning the pages, I smiled & laughed at all the kids who attended this great organization. Seeing them grow up through the years, made it that much more special.


As for me, I've I had the time of my life coaching and motivating the players at the Putnam Panthers Hockey Association. Over the years here at Putnam, I have attended all the coaching classes and now have attained a Level 5 coaching status.


If you are in search for a great family hockey organization, look no further than the Putnam Panthers.  There's a reason this organization has existed for 42 years!!!



Coach Danny Smith